Training Methodology of School of Hospitality & Management

Training Methodology of School of Hospitality & Management:

SHM offers a blend of theoretical and practical training for its students. The courses at SHM are designed in a way such as, that a student while undergoing a theoretical session can relate his learning outcomes with the practical “On the Job Training”, which is given by the support of any Hotel/Hospitality related Organization and Corporate. That the skills and knowledge learnt by a trainee in the Institutional periphery can find its practical application in the job field where he is undergoing his trainee ship.
This training approach creates a clear cut understanding into the mind of a student about the specific skills and its applications in a very transparent way. Also a practical training approach with a blend of theoretical input into a student enables him to retain information in his mind in a much clear and impressive way.


SHM’s Theoretical & Practical Training Approach:

i) THEORITICAL TRAINING: This training is provided based on subjects according to the syllabus of the trade by eminent full – time and part – time faculties who have good years of experience in teaching and also working in the Industry. Periodical notes, Presentations and Course related videos are given to the students for the knowledge of the Trade.
(a) Industrial training/ Internship
(b) On the Job Training
(c) Vocational Trainings
(d) Trade Specific Trainings

The above mentioned are a few kind of Traineeships which are offered to the students during his Course depending upon his interests and performances, so as to ensure that a student does not
miss any kind of practical exposure while undergoing his course with the Institution and he can find a perfect job for him after passing out from this Institution by this kind of Training approach.


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