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At School of Hospitality & Management we encourage On-the-job training for the students. Our students earn money while they learn how to do the job. We think it is one of the best training methods for the professional development of a student, it is planned by us and organized and conducted by the employer at their worksite.

• Students of SHM Learn job skills while working.
• They also get stipends and benefits while in training.
• Greater possibility of getting hired as a permanent employee at the end of the training.

The need to gain financial independence earlier in life is gradually gaining popularity. We
help young people to meet up the need of money and also to equip them with necessary professional
skills and Knowledge, so as they can earn a lifelong living for them.

Earlier, students finished their studies, even higher studies, under the financial care of their parents. Parents funded their children's education and even took care of their pocket money to meet their everyday needs. Now, the attitude is gradually changing among youngsters. In their quest for greater independence, today's youth are taking on financial responsibilities at a younger age.

An opportunity to earn while learning at SHM is definitely a benefit. With a study module, our students can engage in rather part time jobs and earn a handsome amount to live a good life. They will also accentuate their career by working as a” on the job trainee” in a firm that will add value to the course they are studying. It is always wise to look for courses that not only provide theoretical knowledge but also creates a platform for experiential learning which definitely caters to value addition.

Given the fact that in the current education system in India, the necessary skills development is missing as a result of which it is not promoting employability, it has become extremely important that the student has some kind of extra knowledge to make the most of the situation. Educational framework needs to incorporate skill development too. Skills are directly proportional to improved productivity and economic well being.
The citizens of a country are the raw material for the development of any nation. Therefore building people is the key to building India. We at SHM want to become a scale provider of value based learner centric education, skills development and professional education.